Do Safety Glasses Damage Your Eyesight?

Do Safety Glasses Damage Your Eyesight?

People become worried, is it healthier for 20/20 vision to see through a plastic lens for a whole day. It is a common myth; Branded Safety Glasses are made for eyes safety. They cannot affect vision but can create some discomforts like a headache and fatigue of eyes. But that complains are not related safety eyewear, it can be with fitting and cheap quality.

Symptoms of eyestrain and eye fatigue:

  • Watery or dry eye
  • Trouble in focusing
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Pain or pressure behind the eyes

Eye fatigue and eye strain could get due to cheap quality of eyewear or wrong fitting or possible wrong prescription. Eye strain for a long time would not affect your vision but would affect your productivity. But in an extreme situation, it can affect your vision. In this situation, visit an eye doctor.

Reasons for Eyes Fatigue Due to Safety Eyewear:


  1. Scratched lenses:
    If you are using scratched lenses at your workplace, it can cause eye strain. Lenses can be scratched for a long time using. 3m Safety Glasses Zt200 are available with anti-scratch coating and other eyewear as well.  If you have scratched lenses, you should promptly replace them.

  1. Wrong tint:
    All outdoor and indoor works need specific types of lens tints. A Proper lens tint will help your eyes to see the surrounding environment.

  1. Wrong fit:
    Loose fitting and tight-fitting both impact on comfortability and can cause eye strain. 

  1. Wrong prescription:
    It can possible, maybe you are using wrong prescription safety glasses at your job place. If it’s not getting down the eye fatigue after a couple of days, visit an eye doctor for a correct prescription.
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