Does A Company Have to Provide Prescription Safety Glasses?

Does A Company Have to Provide Prescription Safety Glasses?

OSHA the Occupational Safety and Health Administration need that employers must protect employees eyes from hazards workplace. Because hazards workplace can cause illness or any kind of severe injury. While practicing any work, if administrative control doesn’t deliver sufficient protection, employers must provide and ensure their use. Safety gears include foot, branded safety eyewear for eyes, and hand’s protection, hearing protection like muffs, hard hats, and respirators.

Employers duty:

  • Bring awareness among workers’ health hazards of the workplace
  • Provide employees suitable PPE
  • Training should hold for the use and care of PPE
  • Maintaining of PPE or replacing the damaged item
  • Update, review, and evaluate the efficiency of the PPE program

Worker responsibilities:

  • Wear proper PPE
  • Attend all PPE training sessions
  • Clean, care and maintain PPE
  • Inform immediately if need to repair or replace them

Employers should pay:

On 15th May 2008, OSHA introduced a new rule that employers should pay for the PPE to workers. The rule was that they have for PPE and must be standard of OSHA. They cannot provide their own PPE to the workers, if an employer offers their personal equipment, the worker must ensure. They must ensure that safety eyewear is according to safety standards.

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