Should Safety Glasses Be Worn All Day?

Should Safety Glasses Be Worn All Day?

There is some myth about safety glasses whether you should wear all the time or not.

  1. Can we use prescription eyewear at the place of safety eyewear:?

Your ordinary prescription glasses cannot take the place of prescription safety glasses. Even if you use side shields on regular glasses, they cannot compete for the safety glasses. Prescription eyewear should meet the ANSI and OSHA standard for high impact protection. There should be a manufacturer trademark on the corner of safety lenses. Regular prescription eyewear can cause severe eye injury at the workplace and can lead to vision loss permanent.


  1. Safety eyewear is enough for eyes protection against all safety hazards:

Well, safety eyewear is enough to protect eyes but for some specific place. They are not helpful for certain places like liquid splash is a potential hazard. You need safety goggles instead of safety eyewear. A fast speed projectile can penetrate your safety eyewear and can damage your eyes. You can use a safety helmet for full face protection if your job needs such safety measures. 3M safety glasses work well for full eyes protection against any risky objects.


  1. Safety glasses cause vision problem and can damage eyes:

Basically, safety glasses don’t cause vision problem but can cause of source like headache or fatigued. They can cause some discomfort but don’t discourage yourself from wearing safety glasses. You should try to eliminate the problems that are arising by safety eyewear.


  1. Tinted lenses are essential for UV protection:

Tinted lenses are helpful for visibility not for UV protection. The sunglasses with dark tinted lenses without UV protection are dangerous. They cause dilate the pupil and open it for more harmful light. Today majority of safety glasses like 3m safety glasses zt200 are coming with polycarbonate lenses. These lenses have the tendency to block UV rays 100%.


  1. Most of the eye injuries happen at the workplace so we don’t need to wear elsewhere:

According to a study, 50% of eye injuries happen at home and 78% of injuries are related to not wearing safety glasses. You must understand the importance of safety glasses that are necessary at home and workplace as well. 

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