Which Is Better Glass or Plastic Lenses?

Which Is Better Glass or Plastic Lenses?

When we think about the lenses of eyeglasses, most of us never believe that lenses are glass. Plastic, known as polycarbonate lenses has gained great fame at an industrial scale. They are popular due to low-cost production, lower risk of eye injuries, and lightweight nature. Besides these advantages of plastic lenses, people still prefer to order glass lenses. For a better option, we are describing here the comparison between plastic and glass lenses.


  • Lens Thinning:

Polycarbonate lenses are easily tinted with a variety of colors. They open the door of fun and fashion lens tints. You can get WileyX safety glasses with multiple tints as you need.


  • UV Radiation:

Many glasses can absorb UV rays, but if it comes to eye safety, polycarbonate lenses are a winner. They are built in nature for UV protection and they are best for the treatment of eyes protection.


  • High-Impact:

Polycarbonate lenses are shattered proof than glass. That’s why they are considered best for kids and physical activities.


  • Scratch-Resistant:

Glasses are more scratch-resistant than plastic lenses. But you can save plastic lenses with an anti-scratch-resistant coating. Mostly all branded safety glasses provide scratch-resistant eyewear.


  • Lightweight

polycarbonate lenses are more lightweight than plastic lenses. Glass lenses are heavier, that’s why you cannot carry them for a whole day.


  • Clarity:

Glass lens gives more optical clarity than plastic. They give you a crystal clear view.


  • AR Coating:

AR coating works very well and can be applied more easily on plastic lenses than glass. Pentax steel 800 safety glasses are available with the best AR coating for all work safety.

So above all discussion, polycarbonate lenses have more advantages than glass lenses.

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